We’re All In This Together

Together we can make a big impact on the development of effective therapeutic treatments for COVID-19. Here’s how you can support this important work.

Join the Team

Become part of a revolutionary model of scientific collaboration. We aim to not only meaningfully contribute to public health by supporting the development of effective treatments for COVID-19, but also to change the way scientists work together.


Share Samples and Data

Clinical laboratory partners can contribute by donating samples, along with any associated metadata and clinical information that can be shared.

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Fund the Sequencing of Clinical Samples

COV-IRT needs funding to support laboratory sample preparation and sequencing of clinical samples. Programs and organizations, recommended by COV-IRT members, are accepting monetary donations for this purpose.

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Stay Updated

Keep up-to-date on the work of COV-IRT. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Benefits of Participating in COV-IRT